River common this new Doctor’s practice of avoiding responding a question because of the answering a previous question

Such as for example the woman mother, she been able to proceed with the Eleventh Physician’s show off imagine very well one she you are going to identify it to other people. (TV: The amount of time of Angels)

River had differing opinions of one’s Physician’s before selves. She didn’t for instance the Basic, Second, and you will Sixth Physicians; she got also the 3rd exceedingly well, and she stayed some simple regarding Last, 7th and you may 8th Doctors, just voicing the woman treat on a number of the qualities that they had, and her prefer of one’s latter’s TARDIS. She typed on Fifth Physician’s brief feeling, as well as a note in order to by herself to get rid of means the brand new Ninth Doc of regarding Go out Conflict, suggesting objections got ensued ranging from this lady and they incarnations; she if you don’t merely elaborated on the characteristics. (GAME: The brand new Eternity Time clock) She got mistaken new Tenth Doc as the the lady spouse on conference your. (TV: babel prijzen Silence about Library)

River immediately after produced enjoyable of the Doc for using his sonic screwdriver in the competition, (TV: Day of the brand new Moon) however, apparently revised the lady advice on this subject because the she later used her own sonic trowel up against Queen Hydroflax’s guards and automated body. (TV: New Husbands away from River Track)

River encountered the practice of acting to get Romana, much so you can Leela and Next Healthcare provider’s disbelief. This was in case she needed to angle given that a proper recognized Go out Lord. (AUDIO: Someone I Shortly after Knew, Emancipation)

By the end out of her lifetime during their adventure on the Twelfth Doc, River shown a high-pressure, pushy and you will selfish front side as compared to Doctor was utilized to help you watching regarding their. Which was the cause of Doc in order to inquire when it was what she ended up being such as when he was not around or perhaps whenever she failed to remember that it had been him. (TV: The fresh new Husbands regarding River Song)

Appearance [ ]

Within her 3rd incarnation, River revealed herself due to the fact attractive having outstanding hair, (AUDIO: Somebody I Once Realized) hair one Brooke and you can Strax each other called getting “big”. (TV: Title of the Doctor, AUDIO: My personal Restaurants that have Andrew) The newest 6th Doc asserted that she had a commendable brow, obvious look and a facial “beaming which have a massive cleverness” plus the Seventh Doc called this lady attractive. (AUDIO: The interest of Storm) River herself stated shortly after the girl regeneration you to she sensed this lady the new muscles is ideal for putting on jodhpurs. (TV: Why don’t we Eliminate Hitler)

Skills and performance [ ]

Lake indicated that she had adequate control over regeneration becoming able to utilize it so you can assault Hitler’s soldiers. She was also able to use their leftover regeneration times in order to give a family doctor back once again to existence once she poisoned him, even when she had to use each of their kept regenerations to do therefore. (TV: Let us Eliminate Hitler) She got an incredibly keen feeling of smelling providing their so you’re able to locate the current presence of life style or deceased regulators (AUDIO: The Infinite Sea) and you will a breathing sidestep program, but had nothing experience in using it. She has also been in a position to experience go out changes. (AUDIO: We Decided to go to a wonderful People) River also had one or two hearts. (AUDIO: The eye of Storm, Audio from Like)

River is called “the child of one’s TARDIS” plus the go out machine got pulled a particular liking so you’re able to the lady and you may educated their how exactly to fly the girl. River try a highly fast learner, become competent at flying brand new TARDIS in the a remarkably short time and you can she was able to handle the amount of time host more proficiently compared to Doc, while your medical professional had been traveling the brand new TARDIS for years and years. (TV: The top Shag, New Impossible Astronaut, Let us Eliminate Hitler) She indicated at the one point she try so great within they, she took and you can returned brand new TARDIS many times until the Doctor even observed it had been gone. (TV: The fresh Husbands from River Track)

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