Steffy forgave Rick but in the course of time let him wade because of the discord their matchmaking brought about in her relatives

Steffy was forced to assemble a video tribute in order to Brooke, but computers tech Liam Cooper happen to submitted Steffy talking about Brooke’s betrayal; Steffy is attributed when this lady words have been dubbed on to the woman videos of the Bill’s proper-hands child Justin Hairdresser and you may released on line

Steffy was entitled for her grandma, Stephanie Forrester. Throughout a yacht journey within the St. Thomas, two-year-dated Steffy purportedly dropped overboard and you can is actually believed lifeless inside good shark assault, but Morgan DeWitt, a deranged woman exactly who was once obligated to abort Ridge’s infant, had kidnapped Steffy and colored the lady hair yellow to pass Steffy out-of while the her child. Steffy is actually rescued whenever Ridge damaged owing to Morgan’s household in his vehicles.

Steffy is actually devastated when Taylor passed away in the a keen altercation for the nefarious Sheila Carter; Steffy is actually partially raised because of the Brooke Logan, which Ridge remarried. Steffy reunited together parents if this are indicated that Taylor’s “body” got substituted for a great dummy by the Taylor’s former spouse, Prince Omar from Morocco, who was keeping Taylor during the his palace. Steffy and you will Phoebe went to London area to go to boarding university; if you find yourself Phoebe returned to La, Steffy remained overseas.

Now allowed to be Phoebe’s fraternal twin, Steffy came home regarding school and you can worked regarding post space away from the lady family members’ build family, Forrester Productions, where Steffy came across Marcus Walton. Steffy dated Marcus, but carefully refused their proposition immediately after getting looking Rick Forrester, have been a part of one another Steffy’s mommy and you may sibling. Whether or not Steffy first railed on Rick getting his womanizing and you may attributed your towards car wreck hence reported a good confrontational Phoebe, Steffy bonded having Rick in her own suffering, raising the ire out-of the woman entire family relations.

Immediately after Steffy provided to marry Rick, Ridge played their a recording in which Rick admitted he had been simply romancing Steffy locate right back at long time rival Ridge. Steffy after refused Marcus’ try within a great reunion.

Steffy Forrester ‘s the child out of Ridge Forrester and you may Taylor Hayes; Steffy and her similar twin sister, Phoebe Forrester, was indeed produced shortly after Taylor sustained courtesy tuberculosis in pregnancy

So Ridge and you may Taylor remarried, Steffy and her brother, Thomas Forrester, faked text messages away from Brooke, however, Steffy is unsealed when Brooke prevented the wedding. Steffy produced progresses brand new married Owen Knight, up coming install a destination on similarly hitched Costs Spencer, Jr. Steffy kissed Expenses ahead of his matrimony so you’re able to Brooke’s brother, Katie Logan, whom Expenses produced President off Forrester immediately after he annexed the company; Steffy tried to entice Statement and you will swiped Katie’s engagement ring, saying she’d check out Katie when the Expenses didn’t sign Forrester off to their. Steffy edged out “the fresh Logans” by the splitting their stock ranging from their parent Eric Forrester, Stephanie, Ridge, and you can Taylor.

Steffy spent some time working facing Promise Logan by trying bargain her sweetheart, Oliver Jones, and in public uncomfortable Vow by creating the girl “Hope for the future” indication see “HO for the future” throughout a manner inform you. Steffy don’t have the opportunity so you’re able to publicize Oliver’s video footage out of Bridget Forrester sleeping to the partnered Owen, but Steffy been able to strike-out within Brooke whenever Brooke accidently duped on Ridge which have Oliver during the Hope’s costumed graduation people. Steffy’s make an effort to blackmail Brooke and you may Oliver are defused of the Brooke, whom admitted to Ridge.

Enraged that have Ridge, Steffy contemplated selling Statement brand new twenty five% show out of Forrester supplied to the woman because of the Taylor. As an alternative, just after a were not successful try to bring in Liam regarding Hope, Steffy transferred to Forrester Internationaling house with Statement for her attention, Steffy conserved Amber Moore whenever Statement plotted to kill Emerald getting trapping Liam having a pregnancy. Steffy begged Statement having let whenever Thomas was destroyed in the ocean; Steffy and Expenses became nearer from the experience, however, Steffy was distraught you to Bill won’t leave Katie on her behalf.

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