Almost all dependent drinkers will no longer experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Though you may crave a drink, you shouldn’t experience other side effects of alcohol withdrawal anymore. For those who struggle with alcohol use disorder — AKA dependent drinkers — the first few hours mean alcohol withdrawal symptoms will begin.

The result of this method is that some people lose interest in alcohol completely, and wind up abstaining. Of course, not all people have the same pattern of alcohol use. For some, the issue may not be daily, heavy drinking, but a pattern of binging on certain evenings or weekends.

Tips for Cutting Back

Some people attain their goal only to find that old habits crop up again later. For three to four weeks, keep track of every time you have a drink. Include information about what and how much you drank as well as where you were. If you’re having trouble sticking to your goal, discuss it with your doctor or another health professional. If you feel comfortable doing so, talk about your challenges with your primary healthcare professional.

How can I stop myself from drinking?

  1. Remind yourself of your reasons for making a change.
  2. Talk it through with someone you trust.
  3. Distract yourself with a healthy, alternative activity.
  4. Challenge the thought that drives the urge.
  5. Ride it out without giving in.
  6. Leave tempting situations quickly and gracefully.

Distract yourself with a healthy, alternative activity. Mental health and wellness tips, our latest guides, resources, and more. Rethinking Drinking – Tools to help how to stop drinking you check your drinking patterns, identify signs of a problem, and cut back. The person with the drinking problem needs to take responsibility for their actions.

Don’t spoil things that are already fun

Nobody ever notices, cares or remembers when you left. Learn healthy coping tools like yoga, exercise, journaling and art therapy to reduce stress and manage difficult emotions without alcohol. Today we’ll show you proven methods on how to stop drinking alcohol naturally, at-home. You may have tried to stop drinking many times in the past and feel you have no control over it.

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